This position is for someone who has a proven sales history. Please do not apply for this job if this would be your first time selling. Duties include greeting customers when they come in, showing them to the service area if necessary, evaluating their new computer needs and fulfilling them with a new or used computer, or quoting them a new or used computer. Also included will be going to local companies and handing out gift cards for free merchandise and technical support. All sales and service resulting from that activity will be part of commissionable pay. Training period will be two weeks and will be salary-guaranteed, after which time you will be on a very generous commission structure with guarantee. Knowledge of current computer products, Photoshop and Dreamweaver (or their equivalents) are a must. You will be responsible for creating and implementing promotions, updating the website's prices, and answering sales-based E-Mails and follow-up. This position is perfect for someone in a competing workforce.

    1. You must have reliable transportation that looks nice.
    2. You must have VERIFIABLE successful sales experience.
    3. You must be a non-smoker-no exceptions!
    4. You must speak English perfectly AND be extremely literate, misspellings make you look amateur!.
    5. You must be willing to work Saturday (This may not always happen)
    6. You must be technically competent around computers.
    7. You must look extremely presentable and professional-remember, you are visiting local businesses!



This position is ONLY available to a person with prior computer technician experience. Please do not apply if you cannot provide a good, verifiable reference. This job is NOT for the person who has built a few computers, or the network engineer. There will be a multi-platform test that you WILL fail if you are trying to BS us...really, don't waste our time and yours.

Pay = $37.50 per billed hour of labor.

Send your Resume here. In your mail to us you must state the following (you may cut and paste):

    1. I have prior VERIFIABLE tech experience.
    2. I am a non-smoker.
    3. I speak English perfectly without a heavy foreign accent.
    4. I have reliable transportation.
    5. I am willing to work ONE weekend day a week.
    6. I am willing to plan my life around my 10-7 5 day a week work schedule, not the other way around.



The MIT is the person who will open our next store, and will assist our present front-end manager in his duties and work his off days. PRIOR MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE IS A MUST. Must like dealing with people, have experience with computers and know all components, must have extremely high communication skills, be an excellent speller, and make his/her job here number 1. Must be a non-smoker, have reliable transportation, willing to work one weekend day, and be willing to plan personal life around our 10-7 5 day a week schedule.

Send your resume HERE




The Trusty Horse's job is to make sure we are fully stocked, cleaned up, and that projects such as woodworking are done - we got the name from Monty Python's Holy Grail where King Arthur had his trusty horse Patsy at his side at all times. This is a part-time job ~15 hours a week. Computer skills nice but not necessary. Horse must not smoke cigarettes. Woodworking experience a plus.

Send a letter of inquiry here.



This position is now only open to those who wish to continue their career here, who are interested in being schooled in the art and science of computer repair. The Apprentice will learn how to build systems, configure Operating Systems, use systembuilder software, troubleshoot PCs, set up networks, and work in the PC sales/service environment.

The following must be true:

    1. You are a non-smoker.
    2. You speak English perfectly without a heavy accent. We welcome immigrants, we just need to be able to understand you!
    3. You have reliable transportation.
    4. You are willing to work ONE weekend day a week.
    5. You currently have time for the program, e.g. at least two 8 hour days a week during our normal business hours, and at least two four hour days available during the week. (We can't train you if you don't have the time to learn!)
    6. You are able to financially support yourself during the term of the program. We CANNOT pay you to learn, and no other school will!
    7. Last, but not least, have a thorough command of Microsoft Windows.

The apprentice program runs for 180 hours. The Apprentice is required to be at the store for fifteen hours a week. Scheduling is flexible.

Benefits include buying new computer parts at cost, network access, one-on-one teaching, and possibly employment at the end of the apprenticeship program (we hire our techs from this position).

Send your resume here.