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 Most people work from 9am-5pm, so we schedule appointments to start between 6pm to Midnight.



With Skunk-A-Rific, The Store Goes To You!

Your computer is not an island! If you're having computer issues, there's a good chance it's being caused by another part of your setup that won't be noticed if you just drop your computer off at a repair store. So we've said goodbye to the old brick-and-mortar storefront and taken to the road! By replacing in-store interactions with house calls, our technicians can more readily identify and rectify the wide range of problems your computer could be dealing with.

In summary, we now operate on a onsite/housecall business model:

  1. Call or text 513-942-9186 for our first level of phone support
  2. If we can't talk you through the problem, we'll assist you remotely through Teamviewer. All computers manufactured or serviced by us already have Teamviewer installed, though others will easily be able to download it HERE.
  3. Should our Remote Support efforts be unsuccessful at fixing the problem, we'll make a housecall to come look at your computer in person! That's right, you don't have to unplug the computer and lug it all over town, we'll come right to you and assess the computer on the spot. And no worries about extra costs either, our housecalls are free for those within the Greater Cincinnati area. Those who live farther away can make convenient arrangements.
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