Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from Skunk-A-Rific?

  1. Our Computers Aren't Annoying
    1. It takes hours to get a new computer ready to use. From finding printer drivers to setting up security programs, email, wifi, etc.- we do ALL that for you.

  2. REAL Warranties
    1. A warranty means that when you need help, it's there. Calling a foreign country to talk to someone who doesn't speak any language you speak isn't a warranty at all.

  3. Our Computers Are 4x Faster Than Theirs
    1. We use Solid State Drives, which QUADRUPLES a computer's speed.

  4. You're Not a Guinea Pig
    1. We NEVER try experimental software on our customers. We only use proven stable operating systems and software.

  5. One-Stop-Shopping at LOW Prices
    1. We still have our own inventory. If you need it, we've got it.

  6. Annoyance-Free Web Experience
    1. Tired of "offers," "notifications," and all the endless pop ups? So are we! You won't see them.

How much does a housecall diagnosis cost?

Absolutely nothing! If we don't find something wrong or you don't want to fix it, we leave friends.

Why'd you close your storefront?

The rent is too damn high! But seriously, we found that computer diagnostics are way more effective when done in people's homes, as it allows us to account for all the different devices connected to and other environmental factors influencing their computers. It's a total win-win, because all that gas money we spend going to and from people's homes is still way less than rent.

Do you still sell hardware?

Selling more than ever, No Joke! We even do free previews for our customers so they can test our products out before buying them.

Do you have a warranty service?

Same as always! Truth is, our customers hardly ever have to use theirs, so it's no big deal to us.

How do I know which computer is right for me?

Use our handy dandy Design pages to find out which kind of computer best fits your needs.