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Us Vs Others:

Imagine you just bought a shiny new car. It drove off the lot fine, but late that night, on a dark, lonely road (are we overly melodramatic here or what?) you break down because the automobile manufacturer failed to provide you with the basic necessities, like brake lines. No big deal, you think, you will just call the roadside assistance that was promised free with your car! So you call, and you are greeted by someone named "Abraham Lincoln" (Absolutely no joke, we have talked with him, but funny, he had an Indian accent!?!). Mr. Lincoln asks you to go to the trunk and get out a 10 millimeter wrench and to raise the hood. You dutifully comply, seeing as he is nice and seems friendly, but a little hard to understand. Then he asks you to remove the EGR valve, or at least you THINK that's what he said. You ask if you can get the roadside assistance you got the with car, and he tells you that this IS the assistance.
Broken down car
Crazy tech support kitty
The world of computer "Tech Support" is no different.You see a shiny new computer on TV for only $399, and you make the call. The salesman speaks perfect English, is really nice, and tells you that the $399 system won't really do what you need it to do, that you need to spend ~$700.00 (at least he's not lying!). You give your credit card number to the nice man, and in just a month or two it arrives. You set it up, you notice the Anti-Virus is a trial version, there is no mention of anti-spyware, and that there are loads of offers to take your money on the desktop. In a month or so you find it comes from the factory with with no anti-virus, no anti-spyware, no support. You were certainly NOT ready to get on the internet; and when you do, you find the computer slows to a crawl, you get pop-ups everywhere, and somehow the computer you just bought for yourself and your ten year-old daughter is littered with porn site offers.
You call for tech support, and you get Abraham Lincoln, who tells you to remove parts from your computer that you aren't sure you would even understand in English, and as you are reassembling your new pride and joy, you see the sticker on the case side that says, "Warranty Void if Opened." Your heart sinks, and gets even lower when the problem is still there after the nice Mr. Lincoln's "Fix." Then he tells you to mail it to a foreign country (Texas) for repair after you fail!  You have no choice, so you take half a day off work the next day to send it. It costs you forty dollars to send it, but again you have no choice. You are overjoyed when, only a week later, your computer is back. You've been jonesing for a good game of mah-johngg and your daughter is excited to get her homework stuck somewhere in the "My Documents" folder. You hook it up, start it up, and reel in horror as you discover all your programs, data, and setting are GONE. All your finances, your daughter's report, your E-Mail, all gone. You call, thinking this is a mistake, and are curtly told that it is the company's policy to destroy your data when you mail it in. So you go on. In a month the popups are back, you've spent hundreds on programs to eliminate the problem, only to find MORE popups, and now your ten year-old knows more about Bestiality than you do.
Angry tech support kitty

Welcome To the World of Skunk-A-Rific

You call Skunk-A-Rific. You ask where in the hell they got that name, and you find out the company was named after a baby skunk they rescued... awwwww. Then you tell them your tale of horror, and they tell you that fixing this is what they do. (They also manufacture computers that don't have these problems!) They ask you in-depth questions about what they can and can't do to fix your computer, are able to back up your data, and finally, present you with a computer pretty much immune to all the B.S.! They give you class on how to keep all the crap off the system, give you the software you need to keep it safe, and show you how to use it. And just to prove how serious they are, if it DOES happen again (even if you deliberately mess it up) they will fix it free. Right away.
Business Win!
In a month you notice it is still faster than when you bought it, you still get no pop-ups, and you recommend "Skunks" to your boss. They come out, fix everything, sell the company new computers, and you get promoted to VIP status. Your boss buys you a yacht and you take the skunk crew to the Caribbean as a thank you.

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