It's Terrifying When Your Computer Breaks.

How bad is it?

How much will it cost to fix?

Is it worth fixing, or should I just replace it?

How long will it take to fix?

Do I even have time for this?

Will it stay fixed?

What about my data?

How bad is it?

We got you.  We've been there ourselves, so we set up our FREE DIAGNOSIS plan, we come to you, so no time lost.  We look at your computer as if it were our own. 

How much will is an estimate? Is it worth fixing or should I replace?

It's impossible to make an informed decision whether to repair or replace without numbers.  We give you those numbers at no charge.  Yes, we will come to you, pick up your computer, diagnose it, and, if you choose not to repair it, no charge whatsoever.  Why do we do this?  Because the reward of getting the repairs far outweighs the few customers who choose not to repair. Should you choose to replace with a computer from us, backup and data transfer are FREE.

How long will it take to fix? Do I even have time for this?

A necessary question that is impossible to answer (Unless you're just buying a computer).  90% of repairs are done in two days, but understand, sometimes parts are hard to find, we get sent the wrong part, and in these cases we warn you in advance.  Sometimes this changes the customer's choice as to whether to repair or replace.  We have thousands of parts in stock, so if we have to order, it's rare.

Will it stay fixed? What about my data?

Usually, when we repair a computer, we bring it to better-than-purchased.  We have a 90 day warranty (parts and labor) on all our repairs, unless we state otherwise.  New parts carry a year warranty.  Your data is moved to the new computer and handed back to you or destroyed in a hail of bullets (Think we're kidding?).

So, Don't Worry, Call or Text 513-942-9186 Today!